Our Church works together towards our Vision and Mission:


Our Vision is to share God's love as disciples of Jesus Christ, encouraging all persons to come to a full life of Christian joy by constantly reaching out to others, strengthening each others' faith, and learning God's ways.


Our Mission is to share and understand the power of God's presence in our lives by providing a joyful, welcoming, loving and nurturing setting through our actions, worship and mission. We will rely on scripture, the strength of tradition, innovation, education, and music as tools to constantly strengthen our faith.

We have several active working groups that enable our church family to fulfill these goals. Please check out our Ministries page.

As a part of our church family, if you have an idea or activity that will help us with our Mission and Vision and you want to get it started in the Church, contact us. Click on the icon below to watch a brief video of the United Methodist Church: