A Word From the Pastor

April 2014



The first of our Parlor Talks, an opportunity to be in conversation about issues that affect our church and our denomination, took place yesterday. Our opening topic was “The Church on Trial; same-sex weddings and clergy trials.” The topic has made news headlines in recent years and it was good to have the opportunity to discuss the details and implications of these events. In our New York Annual Conference we recently had charges brought against a clergy member for officiating at his son’s wedding to another man. I shared with the group how I ended up with a front row seat at the news conference to announce a resolution to the charges as I had been asked to serve as Assistant Counsel for the Church. It was a new role for me and one I was not fully comfortable with but it did offer an opportunity to learn and grow and better understand the dynamics of our judicial process.


Personally, I am grateful that we did not go to trial. As many of you know, my study of scripture and prayerful consideration of our current understanding of the dynamics of homosexuality, lead me to believe that there can be loving, respectful, committed relationships between two people of the same gender. The Parlor Talks setting gave us a chance to be in dialogue and hear each other’s feelings, understandings and opinion. We did not all agree but it was a good discussion and I personally appreciated everyone’s presence and input. If you were not able to make it and wish to talk about the issue with me, give me a call. And look for our future Parlor Talks; the next one is April 27th, 3:30 – 4:30 pm, in the Church Parlor – of course!

 Peace, Lynda