A Word From the Pastor

June 2015




Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It’s Monday morning and all I can say is thank you. In part, that’s because I’m groggy, unfocused and weary so those two simple words are all I can put together. Mondays are often like that. But really it started, as it often does, on Sunday. After worship I often find myself just thinking, saying, praying, ‘thank you.’ I’m grateful to God for the worship and for the opportunity to work with such a creative and dedicated team including the choir, our Organist Dotty, the ushers, our Administrative Assistant Mary, our readers and Mike who puts together the media for us. The synergy that happens on Sunday is amazing; the sum or whole is always greater than the parts. We all do the best we can and the worship is more than I thought it could be. But, of course, even working together, there is something more. And that something is God; known to us on Sunday through the presence of the Holy Spirit. To say it is remarkable is a great understatement.

These past few weeks have been particularly memorable. Sometimes the feedback or comments I get after a ‘normal’ worship service are so uplifting. To hear people say that they were moved by the worship experience is heartening. Sometimes a person will tell me a hymn or the choir anthem brought them comfort or the prayers lifted a burden or the sermon gave them a way forward is some aspect of their lives. And I say, ‘thank you, God.’

When we have special events to celebrate it gets even better. Anyone who attended the Pentecost Sunday Service on Memorial Day weekend in the 1789 Chapel or the Confirmation/Trinity Sunday service on May 31st knows what I mean. In both of those services youth led us in worship and their presence and leadership helped us to experience God’s presence. We are grateful for the young people who bring so much to us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you to all who gathered to worship and who, with their presence, prayers and gifts offered each other the opportunity to experience the Holy in our lives. Thank you to the Holy One, who graced us with the Divine Presence and helped us to feel gratitude. Thank you, God.

Peace, Rev. Lynda Bates-Stepe