Pumpkin Patch Day Nursery

Unique Nursery School and Day Care Programs

484 Town Line Road, Commack, NY 11725.
Tel: 631-499-6498

The Pumpkin Patch Nursery was organized in 1973 by the Commack United Methodist Church as a non-profit, non-sectarian nursery school with facilities for nursery sessions, playgroups, summer camp, full-day and extended-day sessions. Pumpkin Patch is housed in a building that was once used as a public school building, and the facility is licensed by New York State to provide early childhood programs.

Pumpkin Patch Day NurseryAt Pumpkin Patch, we offer a wide variety of experiences and materials for pre-school children. We seek to develop habits in each child for healthy living and attitudes that will enable the child to get along with others of the same age.

A portion of each morning and afternoon is devoted to activities designed to foster a child's intellectual and perceptual growth. Plus, we have a fine, fenced playground and an indoor gymnasium to help develop strong bodies.

We invite families to visit our facilities. Please call 499-6498 to arrange a time for you and your child to meet the staff and see the Pumpkin Patch.

We look forward to meeting you!


playground in the springLanguage Arts - Story time, Puppet play, pre-reading skills & Letter recognition

Pre-Math - Block play, Measuring, Sorting, Matching, Counting, Number recognition.

Science - Water table, Cooking, Plants, Seasonal activities.

Creative Arts - Easel painting, Pasting, Finger painting, Collage, Mobiles, Modeling clay.

Music - Singing, Records, Rhythm instruments, Movement activities.

Physical Activities - Indoor gym, Outdoor playground, Balance beam, Climbing, Swinging, Sliding.